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The Vex

A slew of names which will be familiar comprise The Vex a new band from London, just formed last month from the ashes of KrakatoaJosh Schwegler (Guitar / Vocal), Jack O’Shea (Guitar / Vocal), Andrew Atari (Bass) and Joshua De Facto (Drums) - who the indie bands blog recalls as Josh Boulton -  felt that the old entity which had been around since late 2004 had reached the end of the road.

The Vex

The Vex

There is a distinct maturity to the sound, yet a strange familiarity, far more Clash 2nd coming referencing and I feel the need the need to point out here –  in my head - The Clash Mark I was a far better band, but let me set aside my Parallel Lines . Oh we are pulling in the New Wave band wagon here…

It is difficult not to draw comparisons with what came before, but let me grab my head and think of The Vex as The Vex not Krakatoa Mark II.

The Vex offer a depth of instrumental reflective that snags the Ennio Morricone , without becoming subsumed by shoe-gaze. There is a powerful under-current of  anger which spills out of the speakers. The lyrics are reflective of the world around and the whole-output searches for an alternative, rather than a barrage of angst.

The guys hold  a mirror to the listener, seeking responses rather than answers and this is where The Vex add a distinctive layer to the world of music, it is the listener challenged with the questions, not the performers providing the solutions.


Just pondering whether The Vex are becoming subsumed in their own PR, as the new websites are appended with ‘Official’. With an open mind, I look forward to having some more to tell you in future missives

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