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The Benwahs

The Benwahs is a new-wave band from Birmingham in England. Suzie Smart (lead vocals/guitar), Ben Kershaw (drums/ backing vocals) and Dean Lamsdale (bass/ guitar/ backing vocals) have had some TV success in addition to developing a radio play list and can be seen live.

The Benwahs

The Benwahs

Were brevity a pre-requisite for consideration on the Indie Bands BlogThe Benwahs would easily fit the criteria, with tracks typically easily slipping under the three minute mark. I was almost tempted to label the band as a punk band, but I still can’t give up that highly personally spaced moniker for bands that were not around in the late ’70s. I am more comfortable with New Wave, which still sits at a top level genre distinction in my hierarchy of not to be given away easily band definitions. Sometimes my mind just confuses everyone, myself included, so let’s move on to The Benwahs.

Opening the player on a bright spring morning, the day has become even brighter, high energy guitar, bass and drum power-drive their way through interludes of music played in simple clean chords with a messianic vocal tearing through the tracks. I could draw a myriad of distinction with bands from the ’80s, but that is to miss the point of The Benwahs. This is music of the second decade in the 21st Century, as although the music is similar in style, the constructions are centred around a more self-serving individualistic society, with a more sophisticated and considered pitch. Definitely one for my playlist and expect to hear this emerging from my speakers if you live locally.


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