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The Struts

Thanks again Nathan , you will get to know the style – Nathan Sturgeon writes reviews comparing current bands and actually gets to the point.

Luke Spiller (Vocals), Addo Slack (Guitar), Jed Elliott (Bass) and Gethin Davies (Drums) make up Derbyshire, England based indie band The Struts. I coincidently know Gethin, who joined the band earlier this year.  However this is no reason for my judgment of the music to be biased in anyway, and I believe any band/artist’s music should be judged on that alone.

The Struts

The Struts

Their single I Just Know (released in May 2012) has a classic blues rock vibe to it, which is a hard sound to dislike! The riff is simple, but has you nodding your head along from the get go which can only be seen to be a good sign. On the production side of things, the song has a really full sound to it, giving an anthemic feel. Along with the instrumental composition, the vocals particularly distinguishable; with a resemblance to Kill It Kid (One Little Indian) vocalist Chris Turpin. The sound of the band as a whole is great, and you can imagine the enormous sound being transferred to a sweaty live environment with ease; Possibly giving the song an entirely new lease of life.

At a mere two and a half minutes, the single itself allows us to get a real feel for the essence of the band. The song bounces between the massive riff and Spiller’s Vocals alone with drums, giving the vocals a real opportunity to shine. Hopefully The Struts have plenty more songs of equal strength in their arsenal, and if so they have real potential.



The Struts are well worth keeping an eye on; they will undoubtedly build on their already sizeable fan base, allowing them to start filling venues around the country with their own fans.

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…And how did Nathan get to know Gethin? Well he knows Gethin from their time at Bucks New University.


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