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Dana Jade

Dana Jade from London England is the alternative goth rock out-put of Dana Jade (Vocal / Guitar) with live support from Ian McKenzie (Drums) and John McKenzie (Bass).

Dana Jade

Dana Jade

Appositely publishing runs work well on this occasion as later today lays the oil drenched orgy of The Barbarellatones. Sexuality oozes out of the material, not in the sleazy car-keys in the pot of a swapping party, but of the sensuality of a wax dripping candle fest in an intimate and dark corner. But before you know it unseen chains hanging from the wall are closed round the wrist and ankles as Dana Jade takes the whip-hand.

Scintillating textures of vocal crack out of the speakers circling the body with sharp snaps, whilst the warming wax drips from the percussion and bass layering the effect. The flickering guitar which emits stabs of light in to the dark shadows completes the over-all sound, delightfully written material.

Equally to be enjoyed as a highly competent rock alternative, Dana Jade is music in which to submerge the mind and enjoy on the front row of a live performance. It is always a delight to hear music putting the sex back in to rock and even better, handled with a ferocious swipe of the forehand and snarling contempt, wrapped in a tempting caress.

As much as I enjoyed the pre- new romantics of Adam Ant with Ant Music for Sex People, I think we have two reviews on the Indie Bands Blog today that cast a delightful fusion to inter-twined bodies.


The Eponymous LP is available on Dana Jade - Dana Jade* I hope this comes out on blood red vinyl at some stage.

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*Purchases made through the Dana Jade - Dana Jade link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission, for which I pass my thanks.

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