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The Drop

The Drop a roots reggae band from London in England comprise Dandelion (Daniel Collier) (Vocals), Ryan Stanford (Keys),  Leon King (Guitar), Chaz  Blinstrub (Bass), Ed West (Drums), Jason Ballard (Percussion) ,  Jo Henwood (Saxophone) and Jonny Murray (Trumpet)

The Drop

The Drop

How can the world live without reggae? Can it live without The Drop? An interesting twist on the genre is offered by the band as they explore some ska inside the envelope and it works.

There are some wonderful spaces explored along with the essential basics that makes this an exciting band to get to know. The nonet are in tune with each other, on the original material, which soars like doves on the wing. Deft off-beat meet wind instrument and the driving vocal keeps the collective on track.

My hands wave over the keyboard as I write the review, this is as it should be, but then…Perhaps as a collective there is some conflict, but please, they are capable musicians who spend much time exploring remixes of what are essentially great first takes, but I have to take a breath whilst they explore…..

No please forget the remix and get back to the core which is where the real value lies, if you need a remix, you need a new song.


The Drop – a band which needs prodding back to home ground, where they sound superb.

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