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The Cakes

The Cakes is an alternative indie pop band from betwixt Newcastle-Under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent in England. A trio line-up of David Durosé (guitar, vocals), Jonny Cake (bass guitar) and Alex of Harford (keyboards) originally got together in 2004 and have maintained tenuous links with each other ever since.

The Cakes

The Cakes

A smile will wreath your-face as you hit play as they wander across an acerbic humour that was once walked in by the likes of Jilted John and Tenpole Tudor. With typical British self deprecation The Cakes actually have a a sound that captures the listener and my advice is to ignore their warning signs of how they don’t take what they are doing seriously, as this does them a considerable disservice.

Whilst there is a light-hearted temper to the music, you wouldn’t expect anything else in the indie pop genre, they also have a decent grip on compositions and are able to turn out a sound between the three of them which has an infectious quality with the tempos, whilst delivering a sound into which listeners can get their teeth.

No, they aren’t trying to set the world alight with flashes of ground-breaking music, but that doesn’t matter and very many bands who think they are, are in fact just furrowing a well trodden path – badly. This is something to drop on the player any-time you feel glum, happy, want to party,  to dance, are feeling thoughtful or playful, there is something in the mélange that is The Cakes to add to the spirit and I hope they get themselves organised on a run of activity, when I am sure they would achieve their potential to become one of those iconic bands who will be remembered with fondness and a single or two because they were there – much akin to The Skids or The Members.


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