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Rok Ink

From Barnsley in England hail Pete Brotherton (Rhythm Guitar /Lead Vocals), Luke Slater (Drums), Ant Allatt (Bass /Backing Vocals) and Scott Crowther (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals) who make up the heavy metal band Rok Ink.

Rok Ink

Rok Ink

Immediately on hitting play you just know you are dealing with rock at its basic level and Rok Ink deliver it well. It is easy to become a pale comparison in this genre, but these guys are adding a touch of originality that marks out its own space like a cat marking out its territory. I am reminded of the smells of the filthy leather jackets and Jeans Jackets of the few rockers I knew at the height of this sound. But, I am glad to say I am not also sent into paroxysms of sleep with banks of air guitarists hypnotically strumming out of time.

Rok Ink keep it tight and let the guitars set off a banging head within the refrains of the track and for this ability there is much praise to heap. What I particularly enjoy is that they manage to keep the music pile-driving forwards removing everything in the way with not a moments hesitation. For a change, in a genre, which regular readers know is not my all time favourite, they manage to avoid the corrosive ego that besets the genre and the listener is left with a feeling that the four guys actually enjoy making the music and delivering coherent tracks, so I am left with a smile on my face not to mention a stiff neck as I haven’t had a good head banging session in a while.

There is no website I can direct you to on this occasion (though I believe something is being worked on for launch shortly) so here is One Big Win from the LP Vita MMXII.

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