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Resin – a five piece psychedelic rock band from Hinckley in England has changed line up and direction over the past six years, but seems to have settled now with James Botha (Vocals), Mark Roseby (Guitar / Vocals), Simon Yarwood (Guitar), David Seville (Bass) and Mark Abbott (Drums / cello  / cajon / pick-up).



Patience is a virtue I understand and hey – I hang my coat on the door to their indulgence as my brain was so switched off they had to send me through the material umpteen ways before I could get a handle on the band line-up, so thanks to Resin for persevering. But the music needed no double testament, this is an intriguing psychedelic rock band with much to add.

Lamenting stories unfold of  relationships and dependencies whilst the guitars plaintive melodic cries melt one in to the other. The band retain a mutation to the sound that is ideally suited to the dramatics of the storyline and it is hard to accept there are five musicians in play as the strings and vocal seep like warm wax in to the ears, whilst percussion echoes in the background. Having undergone significant transition Resin is still in some instances appearing to seek an even keel to the sounds, but give it a short while and we should find a fine craft sailing out of the dock.

I particularly enjoy when they combine rock theatrics with muted psychedelics in tracks such as Instinct, which showcases the band in their full glory.


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