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The Dark Lights

Currently based in London, but originally from Adelaide in Australia – Matt Ho (Guitars /  Synth /  Vocals), Alan Grillo (Guitar /  Synth) and Rachel Ho (Bass) The Dark Lights –  met up with Paul Andrews  (Vocals / Mini organ) and Paul Hayward (Drums) on relocation as so here sits the synthetic rock band.

The Dark Lights

The Dark Lights

I am often presented with a plethora of images to choose from and I far too often spend an age trying to match an image with the sound, but I thought I would take studio shirts on this one as it sums up the superb effects of The Dark Lights. I somehow am sent to musty cupboards as the band extracts the value.

This is a driving synth  which blocks the synapses to entrap the ears and it works superbly. To get the best effect plunge the ears in water and engage, delightful and entrancing. There is a tamper akin to a plugged pipe which snaffles the brain. As the hearing returns so the music bounces and engages. Dulcet vocal resounds against shooting stars of electronics, whilst the bass rumbles like the Finsbury Tube as it emerges to sunlight.

I will wander off to a great friend from Serbia – Svetlana – and her family who I will always recall for a trip in to the Kent countryside whilst her father sought an ale with at least a drop of alcohol. He, as a farmer was entranced as we drove across the countryside, first to Biggin Hill, were he was wide-eyed at the Spitfire and Hurricane (now gone) recalling his own exploits in the Second World War, subsequently to the tractors at work in the field. His eyes stunned by the Massey Fergusons, as he still drove around his farm in far smaller vehicles. Then we alighted upon a pub and at that point his cheerful disposition changed to one of consternation as Kents finest hops didn’t meet the mark – ‘Is water?’ -  he pondered and so we stooped up the layers, and eventually came to Barley Wine to which he responded – OK.

You may wonder what the Dickens any of that has to do with The Dark Lights, but take a moment to listen and you will find the answer.

Better than OK


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