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Ben Sommers – Avocado Chip

Avocado Chip is vehicle enabling Ben Sommers to cerebrate over the here and now.

Avocado Chip

Avocado Chip

A virulent contemplation of 21st Century mores, sees Ben Sommers narrating the stories of Hillary, Dweeb, Higgins, Oculus Una and Old Tall Sam in the town of Starving Jane.

I reviewed, in brief another iteration  of Bens’, in the shape of Mozzy Green a while back and I am pleased I did, as it provides a context. He is a hugely talented musician and story teller, who has been able to translate an emotional out-pouring in a controlled and measured tempo. Would such a dissection have been more effective inside a more musically aggressive  critique, such as Christ the Album – Crass*? I don’t think so, this is an exploration of it’s time. This is far more than music – the hours spent on accompanying videos are a testament to the heart-felt beliefs running through – Avocado Chip.

The music meanders through a plethora of styles, at one moment string orchestration sashaying to sawing electronics  and flaunting with resonant vocal – all of which encapsulate the listener, in the same ball and chain of Starving Jane. Orwell and Huxley come bounding to mind, yet, as this is not dystopic – more disturbing.

The monotonous homogeneity, is reflected by the continual buzz of electronics depicting the parasitic nature of Old Tall Sam. All in all I think you can tell I am a fan, but enough of me, lets take a listen and visual of Avocado Chip.

Find out more of the stories of the videos Click home on that page link to explore Avocado Chip.

The following video is a perfect example of how the world now functions, it opens with a parental advisory, as I should too. Yet the images are made of plasticine. Do we really live in a world in which biting off genitalia and visions of erect penises made of plasticine are such horrors, or is perhaps a world in which the obscenity of power politics more in need of a red alert.

Hillary, Oh Hillary* has been released by 360 Degree Music in advance of the album which is due out in October.

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