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Beftahk based in London in England is an experimental composer and multi-instrumentalist.



Across an array of musical styles Beftahk seeks to deliver a reconstructed perspective of  the instrumentation which explores the nature of world order. Ranging through a diversity of styles I get the feeling that the Cambridge music scene would be a space that would appreciate the creativity. I have to confess that his current project area which is free-form jazz fills my head with aneurysms, but when he explores the world of classical deconstruction there is a sound that makes my heart sing with joy.

The plethora of instruments deployed – from violin to bass guitar and piano to electronica are deployed with dexterity and the creative soul that lies there-in is deserving of more than a moment of time. This is not easy music with which to grapple, but to expect distinctive rhythms is to miss the point as Beftahk takes the edges of the envelope and stretches them a little wider.

His ability to cram so much in to such open spaces is a testament to the ability and when he releases tracks such as welcome to the END again which deploy a scintillating range of layers it is a reminder of how hard solo musicians work to achieve a sound that reflects of their core and I happily play this on loop.

Beftahk is equally able to saunter off to the world of psychedelic rock constructs replete with vocal.


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