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Skreamer from London in England is an alternative metal band comprising Samuel Morter (Guitar / Vocals), Sergio Ronchetti (Bass / Vocals), Bobby Steel (Drums) and Andreas Pavlou (Guitar).



As you know well; rarely do I cover metal of any style as so much of it is  - turn up the volume and hope for the best. I can’t play a guitar, though could turf out that lazy chord and as an ageing punk rocker on 60 cigarettes and a glass of wine or two a day for the past 35 plus years can happily sheer the vocal, as I always will given any opportunity with a band. So when I find a metal outfit to write about – it is one of those nuggets in the California gold-rush and it is merely my aged bones that has taken over a week to get it here…

Melodic guitar constructs, blend with pace and space as Skreamer utilises the full gamut of the armoury at their disposal as guitars and vocals add a third dimension to the striving sounds. Precision is the name of the game here and a well rehearsed group of able musicians are able to turn out a sound that contains not only the penetration of the bleeding ears, but wrap it in textures of sharply delivered interaction.

I find myself wandering over to Egyptian Souks whilst my brain bounces across the room as it slithers around the cranium, which is no mean feat, such is the testament to the musical abilities of the quartet. When they do pare it down, as they are more than capable, the mind is in a fuzz which slowly captures the new pace of the music that always remains En Pointe regardless of the direction of travel.

Sadly I was only given half a LP to listen to, which, from my point of view as a music journalist is perhaps an indication that there is something to hide, but, I hope that isn’t the case. What I have heard is top notch quality.

Now having read the review you may think I have lost the plot – confusing melodic rock with alternative metal when you click the video below. Time is a tamer piece which actually showcases the talent, but not the musical style until we get to almost four minutes in and then there is only a small shimmy to the core ground. So as I sometimes do, there is a second video to follow which I felt just needed to be with it, but the two in tandem to demonstrate the immense talent that lies therein.


Don’t Look Down On Me – Single – Skreamer is available on iTunes*

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