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Chapter 24

Chapter 24, from London in the UK have, as I write, just completed a month long US tour, Claire Smith (vocals), Joe Green (guitar), Mel Stark (bass) and Mark Castro (drums) are a highly energetic band with a rapidly expanding fan-base.

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Oh the irony of Chapter 24, the name of a restaurant in Farnborough (Kent) I frequented far too often, where many strings of my life exploded back in the late ’90s, but that’s another story…..

Like many interesting bands, there are bits you love and sometimes you wonder why did they do that. It comes down to the tipping balance and Chapter 24 firmly sit on the side of, ignore the odd miss and you will find the vast majority of the material is first class. There is a name for this genre, but not one to which I subscribe, because I don’t think it does justice to what is highly emotionally charged music, rather than Society confrontational. So let’s try this – indie-angst.

The construct of rock music is pushed to the edge and reigned back before stepping off to the experimental sphere, as there is a recognizable structure and format, this is more akin to the home territory of The Fall. 

So what can you expect? Apart from the unexpected – a vocal that one moment drives the music forward, the next reminiscent of a sulky teenager. Guitar swings in to action before disappearing to a sphere of its own upon which the stroppy drum comes crashing in to demonstrate a point, then the bass pipes up and we are back on track. The whole effect reminds me of a major family argument, before all quietly sitting down to a cream tea.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy the music, I am not so sure of the integrity, but I say that as a complete cynic. For now Chapter 24 are filling a wonderful space and serving up lashings of indie-angst in which the ears can revel and deserve credit for stepping up to the forefront.



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