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Angry Young Man

Angry Young Man is the fuzz rock vehicle for Chris Young from Newcastle in England to bring his perspective of the world around.

Angry Young Man

Angry Young Man

From an early background using 4 track recordings, which is evident in the raw-cut product that marks out Angry Young Man, Chris has developed form hobbyist to full-time musician playing all the instruments and generating the finished output on a home desk. Plans to play live may see things develop further as there are rumours of a band-line up. Time will tell if this is just for live performance or becomes a permanent structure.

Wrenching disparities of strings from musical influences from the passing space that he has encountered, he is able to pull the threads together to create a sold rope which has a space all of its own. I appreciate the band name, well I would, but have a bit of a mind-warp when it comes to reconciling my own version of Angry Middle-aged Man with no patience, to the incredible patience required to be a solo musician with such a myriad of musical instruments being put together, not to mention computer technological twists and then mixing it all down, recording it and mastering it. I have gone in to a cold sweat just thinking about it and today is pretty warm.

The whole structure of the music challenges the edges and a megaphone filtered vocal provides an additional enhancement to a sense of desolation and isolation in a world falling apart. The carefully fuzzed delivery, is not a lo-fi recording, but another filter to the compositions.

This use of distortion is not to cover-up ineptitude, as when delivering a straight rock number it is difficult to believe Angry Young Man has a total headcount of one. The instruments are played as though different characters and the whole sound well delivered.

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