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The Parlez

The Parlez, from Dublin in Ireland, is an indie-pop duo made up of brothers - Dermot Walsh (vocals, music, songwriting) and Neil Walsh (music, songwriting).

The Parlez

The Parlez

Set to a ’60s pop structure The Parlez take this basic template and create a moody psychedelic twist by weaving influences from the intervening half a century and on listening you will hear refrains with striking similarities, at one stage I even heard some Terry Jacks in there.

I have commented on other occasions about siblings working together and in reality the duo describe their relationship as being most successful when they don’t see each other too often.  Fortunately they do manage to bury the hatchets from time to time and work together to create some genuinely interesting music.

They even managed to release their debut LP Glisten, though had to work in separate recording studios so to do. There are plans afoot to do some touring in the near future, I have a feeling it may require a venue with dual stages. Their commonality is the love of music and they are creators of some superbly constructed material, it may even be that rivalry that has driven the sound to a higher space with each wanting to out-do the other. But the finished product, you would have no idea of the personality clashes, as it all fits together like a glove. Once it comes to actually delivering a sound, the tension is left outside the door and the duo deliver a highly competent and well put together out-put with each playing a multitude of instruments to complete the music.


Glisten is available on Glisten - The Parlez*

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