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Pinkunoizu from Copenhagen in Denmark is Jaleh Negari,  Jeppe Brix,  Andreas Pallisgaard  and Jakob Falgren. A loop inside a loop of electronica. Pink Noise somehow seems appropriate… lets go explore…



I still recall my first visit to Denmark as we drove in to Åbenrå when I was something like 10, to be faced with a huge billboard of a pair of sunglasses nestled in pubic hair and a penis making the nose, the jowls you can guess, such was life in the ’70′s, no idea what the advert was for, but the imagery remains. But the impact of that graphic visualisation is what I expect from Denmark and anything less, I am a little disappointed.  Pinkunoizu rise to the challenge and once again that trip to Beder on the East Coast makes sense. I rarely watch TV, but the series Borgen a Danish swipe against politics and the Media takes some beating and is well worth a catch-up (yes it is in Danish). When the Danes get it right they are a class act.

The key is the re-loop, which Pinkunoizu explore, extrapolate and dissect to the nth degree, yet each flash of the ribbon merely hypnotises further. The bangra resonances are a delight as the ears are lifted on a world tour on one section of music. Danish creativity at its height is a banner for others to reach.

EVERYTHING IS BROKEN OR STOLEN from Pinkunoizu on Vimeo.


The EP Peep is available on Peep - EP - Pinkunoizu*

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