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The Tricks

The Tricks is an indie band from London in England made up of Joel HodgeAshley HodgeJohn Bisset and  Eliot Crabtree.

The Tricks

The Tricks

Simple formations and simple constructs can make for a formidable edifice and so The Tricks demonstrate. This is a sound that stretches the listener with some stunning compositions swept behind a direct style, that shouts out in to the ears with an earnest energy that demands attention.

Sharp retorts of music fire across the ears as the band deliver their take on the world of indie-pop. With a careful delivery the quartet are able to deliver a surprisingly engaging sound. Drawing references from the heart of rock The Tricks is not seeking to redefine indie rock, rather add a flavour of lightness to the genre, which engages the listener in a swathe of strobes.

I find myself engaged with a band that has a keen handle on the instruments and the ability to deliver a cleanliness that has me thinking of ABC et al, with a more concentrated and focussed core. As with the New Romantic Rock Pop genre of it’s day this is a complicated channel in which to shine, though The Tricks seem to already have a tight hand on the tiller.

To put it simply, this is a band to get to know as they break their own ground and I wouldn’t be surprised the next time we take a listen they haven’t honed down to the harder edge as that is where I think their natural ground lies.


The eponymous single is available on The Tricks - Single - The Tricks*

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