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Storybooks for Small Dogs

Storybooks for Small Dogs from Navan in Ireland are made up of Carmo (Alan Carmody, vocal and guitar), Breen (Brian Shiels, bass) and Richi (Richard Cullen, drums and backing vocals) have been around for a couple of years, projecting life around them, with influences from re-weaved new wave, a la Green Day and White Stripes. They are beginning to make strides in Ireland and their recently released eponymous EP can only but help word spread wider.

Storybooks for Small Dogs

Storybooks for Small Dogs

I enjoy a three piece band who can make me feel engaged and Storybooks for Small Dogs, certainly do that. The free-ranging energy that emanates from the band can’t help but raise a heartbeat as they blaze through clear vocal and musical score, bringing a clean-shaven feel to the day.  Crystal clear clarity shines through the band as they take me on a high energy trip through Navan; facing the trials and tribulations of a satellite town to a Capital City.

This is the sounds of the suburbs as powerfully as The Members resonated. As I listen I can feel the resonance of a band who know they have something to say, yet are instantly dismissed as ‘parochial’. Storybooks for Small Dogs, face the uphill battle of being viewed as a provincial band by the local media and therefore irrelevant to swathes of the music industry. It is a sad indictment that bands like this get left in the slip stream, as they have so much to add.
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