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Fantastish Global Systems

Fantastish Global Systems is an indie rock band from Kiev in the Ukraine, with just two members - Oleksandr Chalyi (guitars / vocals) and the classically trained Violinist and Contrabass Aladdin Shchaslyvyi (drums /  vocals), who got together in 2007.

Fantastish Global Systems

Fantastish Global Systems

No bass? I hear myself scream. Only two players? I ponder. … and so opens an exploration in to Fantastish Global Systems. Sometimes a slow burning fuse is precisely what a band needs. Having met in 2003 as business partners the timing wasn’t right for the musical connection, then in 2007 the formation began and after eighteen months of searching for a vocalist and a bass player, the duo realised they had a story to tell on their own. Another year of working on how to replace the bass we find ourselves in early 2011 and after more digging in to the rafters with a mid-year single release - Ann Radio, Fantastish Global Systems have just released their debut LP - Under the Sky.

This is a superb combination and as I write I am still intrigued by the lack of bass and only two players. There is nothing missing at all, in fact, I was wondering if a fifth player had wandered in to the mix. The compositions are nailed sublimely and the ears are pinned to a foaming wave crashing ashore.

Sometimes patience is a virtue and I raise a toast to Fantastish Global Systems with the dedication they have displayed and the evident predilection to the sound they were seeking to create, which has precluded thus far additional members to the coterie.

website (this opens with the album immediately playing)

Under the Sky is available on Under the Sky - Fantastish Global Systems*

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