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Postcode is the brooding alternative indie band of Marie Reynolds (Vocals), Mikie Daugherty (Guitar), Steve Halsall (Bass) and Martin Rigby (Drums) from Douglas on The Isle Of Man.



The conflagration of brooding textures and the better know sides of The Isle of Man – The Isle of Man TT high octane motorcycle races and tax evasion (the individuals and businesses who use places like the Isle of Man as off-shore depositories to reduce their taxes like to call it legitimately screwing the poor of the world because they can) had me intrigued from the off… The trouble with bands from Tax Havens is you always know I am going to get start off with an anarcho-capitalist rant – but as you equally know – eventually it will settle down, but in addition in Douglas we have revving high performance motorbikes to contend with – I must get round to interviewing Postcode, sooner rather than later –  for now – the music…

Iterations, line-up changes and new directions of travel have sat within the band for many a year which have sadly stood as barriers to the full potential of Postcode. I have had the opportunity to take a listen to interludes and main travel of direction, whichever angle they take, Postcode have ability in abundance. Stunning instrumentals intertwine with smarting vocals as the band is able to weave a mystical tour of sound to that sits at the core of a strong group of musicians.

I am sort of minded of the Hawkwind direction of travel – always superlative, but incredibly disjointed and looked back on as an iconic band, but at the time with a question mark as the audience and LP purchasers never knew what was going to turn up. This could equally be applied to The Fall, where each release saw something different. For this diversity I raise my hat to Postcode, but I fear it will only be the core fans of music exploration who will get the handle, whilst the musicians wrestle their internecine wrangles.

As readers of the website I know that won’t put you off, but I fear it has and will stifle the full development of Postcode unless they continue to revolve members, which can work equally as well as a legacy band.


Zebracore – Postcode is available on on iTunes*.

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