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Katja Luhtala

Katja Luhtala is an Alternative indie rock singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist from Helsinki in Finland.

Katja Luhtala

Katja Luhtala

The music of Katja Luhtala slides like a warming triple vodka into the bloodstream. A dark and brooding vocal immediately captures the attention whilst the metronomic musical tempos thrum into the head like a mystical spell and the listener remains captivated in the web of music which tells of stories injustices needing to be set right.

Musical influences including Patti Smith and Bob Dylan and authors such as Marguerite Duras with her powerful use of the never explicitly said and William Blake with his prophetic poetry are set to a melting pot of emotional constructs. Aside from that how could I not be interested in an outfit with an LP called Safe European Home – sharing the same name as the opening track of Give ‘em Enough Rope by The Clash.

Slightly muted breathy vocal wraps around the brain and the synapses spark in time to the beats as Katja Luhtala prowls around the room like a stalking tiger. A plethora of musical influences tempt the ears as the compositions play subliminally on the cortex leaving a dark and brooding print which lingers long after the speakers are turned off.

The power of the compositions lies within their apparent understatement which permit the listener to float in a bath of imagery. Katja does work with other players as and when appropriate, particularly on live performance which enables her to deliver the full impact of the message.


Safe European Home – Katja Luhtala is available on iTunes*

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