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.gif is the experimental ambient electronic duo of Weish and Din from Singapore.



Floating embers of sound like ashes rising from a fire waft into – and disappear slowly out of – earshot. Half-captured yet demanding of focus, whilst in the foreground burns an ever present beat that rattles the edges of the brain in to a state of subservience. There are structures to the compositions that lie within the ever present metronomic beats and it is the floating and ethereal notes and lyric which lend .gif an interest.

Whilst the disconcerting beat hammers in to the head, the background textures are where the ears finally manage to focus and lay in a state of rapt attention. This is not a style of sound, as is common with much of the experimental scene, that the brain immediately is able to understand, but once in train there is considerable activity underlying the scores with which the synapses can settle in to an embracing rhythm. As a duo they are still in creative exploratory mood and when experimental musicians are of that mind set you will find the edges of the envelope are frayed along with a disparity of sounds. The common mood being the metronomic spine to the tracks from which the mutations of filters deliver an ever changing landscape of concepts.

Tracks normally run to the five to six minute mark and they are able to fill that time with intrigue.


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