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In 2007 Shane Sandor moved to Chapel Hill in the USA and thus spawned Promute an experimental sound-scape, which would find an equally comfortable space nearer to my own footsteps in Cambridge in England.


Promute – image courtesy of Steve Landis & Mark Engebretson

Stretching beyond the horizon, settle down to listen to a Promute track and not only are you assured of an intriguing electronics journey, but also some many minutes of your time and I would say that is time well spent. With heavy use of loops the material garners strength through its very repetitiveness that mesmerises like a whirlpool. Ever muted the listener is forced to work to hear the nuances of the sounds, which of itself pulls the audience in to the performance.

Whilst discarding standard song structures, there is a direction which is straightforward to follow as Promute does not seek to challenge the brain to comprehend, rather demands of the synapses a long term firing as the path is well laid out for the head to comprehend, rather demanding of concentration than complexity. A path I suggest is well worth the time and consideration.


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