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Ambershift from Newcastle in the UK, have undergone a couple of iterations since their formation in 2007, but now comprise: Dave Lord (lead vocals and bass), Phil Hodgson (Drums), Andy Green (Electronic keys) and Ben Clement (Guitar).



Another middle of the rock band on the site, you may wonder why, but just taken a closer listen… Ambershift, are cranking the noise with an electronic keyboard. Taking a slightly different chart to the norm, they are able to produce something of real value. It may not be a whole new sound, but it is a genuine attempt to try something a little different and far more importantly it does work.

I could spend more space waffling to no real end, Ambershift are a band you can either give credit or roll up in the waste. I think they are worth a listen, as they take high tempo beats and control the sound superbly, while delivering a sound worthy of listening time.

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  1. dave says:

    Free download from our forthcoming album@


    thanks for your support


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