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Tzvika Force

Tzvika Force is the vehicle the Tel Aviv, Israel based solo composer Tzvika Lorber to deliver his dark rock.

Tzvika Force

Tzvika Force

On hitting play the ears are caressed with top quality compositions. Utilising Pianoforte, the out-put is wreathed in the mystic that the timbre of a piano always adds to guitar and percussion. Although predominately a soloist the addition of up to eight members in the line-up adds considerable depth and dexterity to the material, so it will be interesting to see if  Tzvika Force becomes a full blown band, or remains as is.

The lower registers add greatly to the almost gothic feel of the material with a vocal that plays prominently through the output. Whilst definitively rock based, the tracks contain a classical feel to them which generates a sound that is appealing on many levels and it is due to this combination that whilst songs run to some considerable length, they contain plenty in them to have the listener wanting extended versions.

I have had the opportunity to take a listen to the upcoming extended release Petite Natúre, which takes the material on a broader journey, which is a great place to spend time.

It is with some considerable pleasure that I introduce Tzvika Force to a wider audience and I raise my hat to Lorber, for taking the chance on making the music directly available, as there is little doubt his compositions would be snapped up within the film industry, never affording an audience to opportunity to hear the music in original context.


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