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Crushing Blows

Crushing Blows is the indie-pop duo Andrew Foster (Drums / Vocals / Keyboard) and Chris Jones ( Guitar / Vocals)  from Derby in England.

Crushing Blows

Crushing Blows – Photo by Chris Seddon

A couple of years on and we find the duo in fine fettle. The sounds work in a circular vortex, each note sweeping round behind the ears as the next delivers its thoughts. To my simple ears their earlier material resonates better than the latter, simply because it was in the early days less ‘radio friendly’. But were that the be all and end all then I wouldn’t be writing about them.

Despite the drive to mainstream  Crushing Blows has the potential maturity of an old fashioned Stilton prior to the Health & Safety Executive arriving. We used to have ‘hoppers’ in the cheese as the barrel was carved and scooped whilst more Port was added to the ever growing bowl. I guess the HSE has been in to the Studio and pared it all back from where it should have gone. But I have faith – these guys can still turn a tune and will get back to the roots of their sound once exploring the softer edges has bored them.

It isn’t often I review a band and wish they did what they did before, but despite it all Crushing Blows still, in their current iteration, have much to add to the world of music and potentially so much more to come. This will be an interesting space to follow.


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