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City Of Glass

City of Glass are a duo from Vancouver in Canada who have been around since 2008. Michael Champion (Guitar and vocals) and David Phu (Guitar) combine their passion for pop-rock, dance music, minimalism and melodies. Combining Synthscape to clean composition, generating enervating dance beats. I wouldn’t try to guess the number of bands who send […]

Band of the Week 29th January 2011

With a debut entry at number one on the band of the week top ten chart on the indie bands blog, 100 Monkeys from the USA. 1. 100 Monkeys (USA) Singles by 100 Monkeys is available on * 2. Missing Andy (England) The Way We’re Made (Made In England) by Missing Andy is available on  […]

Marla Mase – A Brief Night Out

Marla Mase has recently released her album, A Brief Night Out, which is the story of a woman going through a nervous breakdown, exploring her place in life. The album is best taken in the whole context. While individual tracks stand up to scrutiny, to miss the complete experience  of A Brief Night Out – […]


Ducktails from New York in the USA is the solo musical vehicle for Matt Mondanile, who creates a mulled wine psychedelic pop sound. Having started in 2006 with give-away releases to his friends has developed his out-put to incorporate the solo material, as well as working inside band. Ducktails is distinguished by the unplanned improvisation, […]

Band of the week 22nd January 2011

Originally from Chepstow (Wales), Fez are now based in London (England) and have taken the number one spot on the Indie Bands Blog Band of the Week top ten chart. 1. Fez (England) [yframe url=''] 2. Missing Andy (England) [yframe url=''] The Way We’re Made (Made in England) by Missing Andy is available on * […]

100 Monkeys

100 Monkeys from Los Angeles in the USA are  a five piece outfit of multi-instrumentalists from an ecelctic backround, which is reflected in their music. ben g. (Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Trumpet, Vocals), ben j. (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals), j.action (Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums Keys, Trumpet, Mandolin, Harmonica), j. rad (Guitar, Bass, Drums, […]

The Truth Of All Love by Ben Rusch

The singer songwriter, Ben Rusch has just released his latest offering, The Truth of All Love, a 12 track release. As readers of the website will be well aware, the musical out-put of Ben Rusch and my personal preference in music are poles apart, but this is a powerful and evocative release which deserves a […]

Band of the week 15th January 2010

Presenting the band of the week chart for 15th January on the indie bands blog 1. The Swing Movement (England) To the Bone by The Swing Movement is available on * 2. Jointpop (Trinidad and Tobago) January Transfer Window by Jointpop is available on * 3. Karen Incognito (Australia) Home [Sneak Peek] by Karen Incognito […]

The New Year Ninety top ten

The New Year Ninety Chart top ten acts on the Indie Bands Blog 1. Elephantom (USA) Swim Towards the Sun by Elephantom is available on * 2. Missing Andy (England) A Call to Arms by Missing Andy is available on * 3. The Brassic (England) 4. The Drums (USA) The Eponymous release by The Drums […]


It seems a lifetime ago that I first saw Audiogold and have never quite got round to writing a review, now is the time to rectify the omission. *Updated 29th August 2011 A four piece band from London who formed in mid-2009. Comprising – Raphael Hurwitz (Vocals, Acoustic, Keys), Jonny Wanders (Guitar, Vocals), Marco Cristaudo […]

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