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It seems a lifetime ago that I first saw Audiogold and have never quite got round to writing a review, now is the time to rectify the omission.

*Updated 29th August 2011

A four piece band from London who formed in mid-2009. Comprising – Raphael Hurwitz (Vocals, Acoustic, Keys), Jonny Wanders (Guitar, Vocals), Marco Cristaudo (Drums) and Alexander Hurwitz (Bass) – who describe themselves as a Folk / Alternative Rock / Pop outfit.



Their material is immediately refreshing, as they range across a diversity of musical influences, without sounding like a watered down version of any of them, creating their own distinctive sound. Audiogold are more than capable of switching their out-put from acoustic led pieces to harder rock edged tracks and the band capably handles the changes with verve.

Comparisons are drawn to them of a wide range of musicians and I think this is the whole point of the band, attempting to identify a genre is to miss the whole point of the band. The composition and song-writing skills within the band, enable them to craft their own route. The music may not be fashionable and perhaps that is what draws me to their material, I have little doubt they have the capabilities to write power-pop ballads to please A&R managers, however they remain true to the emotions that drive their music, deftly drawing powerful imagery through the four of them interacting effortlessly, as they weave their way through their tracks.


band website

Since I saw them almost a year ago, their sound has developed and Audiogold are a band who potentially have a great future.

*Audiogold have a new release coming out in September 2011, which will be reviewed in short order

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