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Band of the Week 29th January 2011

With a debut entry at number one on the band of the week top ten chart on the indie bands blog, 100 Monkeys from the USA.

100 Monkeys

100 Monkeys

1. 100 Monkeys (USA)

Singles by 100 Monkeys is available on Singles - 100 Monkeys*

2. Missing Andy (England)

The Way We’re Made (Made In England) by Missing Andy is available on  The Way We're Made (Made In England) - Single - Missing Andy*

3. Divorce (Scotland)

DIVORCE at HOBO vs //FAST// 23.01.09 from Andrew Browntown on Vimeo.

The Eponymous release by Divorce is available on Divorce - Divorce*

4. Marla Mase (USA)

A Brief Night Out by Marla Mase is available from the Indie Bands Blog Bandcamp store

5. Karen Incognito (Australia)

Hurt by Karen Incognito

6. Papercuts (USA)

You Can Have What You Want by Papercuts is available on You Can Have What You Want (Bonus Track Version) - Papercuts*

7. Audiogold (England)

Last Skies by Audiogold is available from Last Skies EP - Audigold*

8. Electra (Israel)

9. The Swing Movement (England)

To the Bone by The Swing Movement is available on To the Bone - Single - The Swing Movement*

10. The Brassic (England)

The Brassic – June (Official Music Video) from Chloe Holmes on Vimeo.

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