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Small Multiples

Small Multiples is the electronic rock duo of Craig Hartley and Eli Friedmann who call in services of vocal bass and drums as necessary out of New York in the USA.

Small Multiples

Small Multiples

The core of the material lies within electronics, yet the duo manage to wrap the music in layers that often hide the pillars behind façades of instrumental riven band constructs. Whilst the instrumentation is of the highest quality, to my ears the superlative lies when Small Multiples allows the electronics to shine through.

Fairly lengthy in playtime, the tracks nonetheless contain sufficient material to stop the ears wanting to wander away. I am sure others would describe this as ambient rock, but the real concrete to the duo is the use of electronics, did I mention that earlier? It reminds me to an extent of ELO updated by a decade or four.

The duo have been able to create a variety of twists and turns to the releases and whilst identifying a core centric to the out-put isn’t easy Small Multiples has enough chutzpah to reel in the audience.


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