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Pedico is the New York based new wave trio with the ability to not take themselves too seriously of  Chris (Drums / Cowbells / Newport Mediums), Craig (Bass / Vocals / Theramin / Hair Gel) and Jake (Vocals / Guitar / Boogie Boarding).



As regular readers know I don’t use the term punk and become enraged when others do  - unless it references one of the bands of my playing days era of the late ’70s scene, but I nearly stepped across that boundary as I was struck by much in common, other than 35 years difference and to label these guys as not current would be to do them a disservice. But – hey when you come to it, if you enjoy Dead Boys, The Ramones, The Heartbreakers et al, you will feel right at home.

Undoubtedly influenced by the New York ’70s punk scene as the sound lacks the anger of much of the rest of punk across the globe at that time, NY at CBGBs was a centre I did enjoy and Pedico brings it all up to date with a finger up to a world in turmoil, as they strike an alternative, of a world which doesn’t have to partake.

Chaos inside a clear vicissitude marks out the  sound that is Pedico. Perhaps to my ears there are one or two bars too many taken from the original sounds, but to give these guys credit they switch the lyric to deal with current issues, so avoiding becoming a pastiche and for those not approaching their 6th decade steeped in the genre, well it will all seem as fresh as it did back then.

Thumping drums and bass insist the body raises from the supine to join in. What should have been a three quarter of an hour write up has so far taken me three hours as I just have to join in. Basic music to drive the basal instincts – music needs nothing more than three chords when done well and Pedico direct me straight into my 14 hole Doc Martins (yes that precise count matters much to the era), though long after I finish this off if I will still be pogoing around the room.

Perhaps they take themselves as a tad too much of a joke and are trying a little too hard to be ‘viral’ as the puerile MTV humour detracts from the value of the output, which is a shame as Pedico have much to offer, though to be fair the video and song were only joined together as an after thought – so ignore the visuals and take a listen to the tune.


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