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Hot Babes

Hot Babes is a duo from Bennington in the USA.  The lo-fi surf pop is created by Jay Kineke (vocal / guitars) and Christian Mailloux (drums / vocals).


Hot Babes

Hot Babes

That time when evening comes after a day on the beach and you make a barbecue out of bits of wood and sand gets in all the food and it doesn’t matter, welcome to Hot Babes. The muffled and distorted instrumentation that slides out of the speakers has a delightful effect on the mind. The joys of a relaxing long hot day is encapsulated by the duo as they let their imaginations explode around the compositions.

Whilst muted, there is an underlying current of energy and enthusiasm which lifts the music above the parapet and the listener is left in a better mind-set than when they arrived. There is always a danger that this style of playing and release can come across as mere incompetence, however Hot Babes run with the whole concept of lo-fi as easily as a duck to water. The recently released EP Hot Babes Cool Surf entangles the necessary ingredients to a fine emery board as the ears are scratched with the intentionally dimpled surfaces, while the compositions contain a smoothing pebble to gently round off the music.


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