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From The Sticks

From The Sticks is an alternative dance band from Peterborough in England, which makes them a local out-fit. Formed in May 2011, Ricky Butcher (Vocals), Adam Mansfield (Drummer), Tom Ellingworth (Guitarist) and Nick Thompson-Bell (Bass) mix a range of musical influences to come up with a beat which demands a whirl on the dance-floor.

From The Sticks

From The Sticks

As I write this on a Friday, the day suddenly took a turn for the better when I opened an email sent to me back in December. So although there is a delay, I’m quite pleased, as I know my weekend has now started. There is a sound which reminds me somehow of The Gadsdens and although it would be easy to label From The Sticks as an Indie Band, I think they are far more dance oriented than that generic label suggests.

The timbre of the vocal with that emotive self-echo, which is occasionally permitted a run-out is a delight and marks the band out with some distinction. The disparity of influences existing in the band have been permitted to wander in to the mix and instead of coming up with a melange of dilution, the band has been able to strike something new. For such a new band their touring record and high quality of material is one hopes a mark of things to come.

At present there is still a slight tendency to force words in to spaces, rather than permitting them to float, but that will come with time and should in no way be taken as a negative. This is a band to open up any-time a party mood strikes as the deft inter-play between the instruments thumps out music which can be enjoyed by the ear or the legs can wander off to move with the rhythms.


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