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The Horn The Hunt

The Horn The Hunt is an alternative indie band from Leeds in England. Clare Carter (Vocal / Synths), Joseph Osborne (Bass), Conor Lawrence (drums) and Alice Miller (Guitar) have just released their new single Gold.

The Horn The Hunt

The Horn The Hunt

There is an earthy grittiness to the instrumentation which is torn apart by a soaring vocal. It would be easy to assume the band is structured around providing a spotlight on the powerful and distinctive voice, but the music stands strongly on its own as the band rumble along on the lower notes, with a solid percussion hammering out the path.

Having opened with the description of mother earth, there is also an ethereal sound that floats throughout the tracks and it is this combination that provides The Horn The Hunt with a sound that deserves a far broader audience. Of course I am smitten by the booming bass, but the higher notes of the synth are perhaps in reality the highpoint of the quartet, as it is around this that the music really flows. Like a whirlpool, where the power lies in the centre, but all the activity takes place around it, so the voice and instruments play to the power of the electronics.

Smart compositions lend the whole effect to a multi-dimensional shifting soundscape that energises the air, allowing the mind to wander on the tailcoat of the story-telling. The sublime vocal is the icing on the cake to a band I really must find the time to get out to see live.


The nearly one hour release Depressur Jolie available on Depressur Jolie - The Horn The Hunt is, in my view a great option.*

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*Purchases made through the Depressur Jolie - The Horn The Hunt link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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