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Flight Brigade

Flight Brigade is an alternative folk-rock collective from London in England made up of Oliver BainesMiriam BainesDorry Hughes,  Thomas PinkNeil BlandfordTom Clay and Jonny Barker.

Flight Brigade

Flight Brigade

With some transcendent compositions Flight Brigade were able to raise a pique of interest in a genre of music with which I generally struggle. Once again I find a band where keeping the volume levels to the mid-point permits the full flavour of the music to weave its majestic path. With the plenitude of players and instruments to hand the band is able to shape the material to great effect, with a sound that is topped off by a highly engaging vocal.

The sweeping, almost orchestral compositions demonstrate a group with a firm grip on the skill of song-writing as they deliver three distinctive layers to the out-put. At the heart lies a rolling drum  and bass which encapsulates the rock direction, this is tipped with the folksy – piano, acoustic and electric guitars and violin led – central theme all of which is pulled together by floating voices which gives Flight Brigade its introspective, almost world weary sound, which although downbeat is also able to warm the listeners heart, drawing the audience on to the performance and to a space in which it is a pleasure to stay a while.

With the recent release of a new EP – Shaw Court Sessions – this should see the collective gain a higher profile and I expect to see them on the festival circuit in 2013.


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