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fiN is an indie rock band from London in England with a four piece line up of Luke Joyce (Vocals/Guitar), Jonny Garner (Guitar), Kerry Lambert (Bass) and Simon Harding (Drums).



Grabbing opportunities in both hands despite the recession,  fiN aim to raise a sense of good time, challenging the negativity spilling around the world. With generous sound levels the band deliver a shake-up – wake-up for the audience as they distill the guitar in to a fusion of delay whilst a driving percussion / bass combination drives the music forward. The lyric,  prodding the listener from a stupor of self-pity, lays out a challenge that there is a better world out there and wallowing in misery is nothing more than a wasted life whilst encasing it in a recognizable Brit-indie packaging, that seems to have a shinier wrapper.

This positive attitude seems to resonate with the audience, which is fast growing and on the back of self released 7″ singles they are currently working on an LP set for distribution in early 2013.

The music has a  back-drop that engages and fiN is equally at home with faster paced material, as on slower more melodramatic and melodic pieces. They have the hallmarks of fine musicians and the band seems to fit well together creating a sound that easily centres in the ears.

I look forward to finding out how fiN develop over the course of the next twelve months as there is much potential here… well worth catching now.



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