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Beijing is a ghost rock band from New Haven in the USA comprising Eric Thornberg (Vocals / Guitar), Thom Smith (Guitar / Keys), Jack Hoopingarner  ( Bass) and Bill Pruchnicki (Drums).



You know how sometimes you just have one of those days when nothing fills the craving. Well I have had a few of those back to back having listened to well over 300 bands I thought I would never come across another band to review and then Beijing popped up and it just suits my head-space.

Suitably gloomy sounds are delivered with a touch of distortion and fuzz whilst the percussion and bass keep the sound on track as a vocal pitches well above the accompanying material. On another day this may well not suit, such is the emotional context important when listening to music, but, today as I write, my head is clearing with the repressive atmosphere.

Beijing have taken straightforward poppy sounds of both mainstream US alt-indie and Americana and given the confluence of the merged article a rough sanding with a coarse paper to let the heart and soul of the music tear its way into the ears. They play with songs running from under three minutes to over seven, but it all works and keeps the listener focused.

Having just released their debut LP – Night – they will perhaps be able to catapult themselves to a wider audience, as whilst this has much that will attract fans of american indie, there is plenty to take the sounds further afield – maybe even as far as their namesake city.


Night – Beijing is available on iTunes*.

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