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We Do This

Based in Adelaide in Australia the trio of John (Vocals / Guitar / Bass), Alan (Guitar / Vocals) and Mark (Drums) make up the indie rock band – We Do This.

We Do This

We Do This

We Do This is currently working on a new EP. Having had the opportunity to hear some of the demo tracks I can conjecture, this will be a zinger for fans of big stage sound, which may well have you wondering why I am writing about them, –  simply because there is far more on offer than stage theatrics. Threading between US ’90s indie and early Brit-Pop the trio are able to bring it all to relevance and to be fair I am still wondering if there are only three musicians involved in what is the musical equivalence of an etalon as the crossing sounds are merged and throw out a completely different texture in which the listener is neatly nestled.

At the core lies a tempered percussion against which the bass floats back and forth, rather than flowing in the more usual parallel and it is this dynamic that sets up the over all sound of the band under which the guitar sets out the melody and floating high above it all is an almost falsetto vocal, such is the pitch and you know what – it all works in a neatly delivered parcel, with sufficiently scuffed corners to add intrigue and something for the ears to bite in to.

I look forward to finding out how We Do This develop over time.


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