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We Are Falcon

We Are Falcon is the indie rock band line-up of James Moss, Mickey Clarke, Huw Brown and Pete Clarke from London in England.

We Are Falcon

We Are Falcon

Driving percussion drives its way through the material like a Fracking engineering project –  thrusting in to the earth’s’ upper crusts to explode a hidden world of seismic interpolation to expose the hidden plunder beneath and so we find We Are Falcon to the accompaniment of melodic guitar. The quartet surge like a fireball across the room whilst tempering the music is the goblet of significance – a singular lyric which explores truths, lies and relevance.

I particularly enjoy how the gem of the material lies buried inside the layers of music and spending time to peel away the layers, the listener finds themselves in a space of currency.

We Are Falcon succeed in their aim of having the audience taking up the quest with a confidence belieing their apparent newness, therein lies the Pandoras Box of the quartet. Many years ago there was a germ of an idea in Chepstow, Wales – called Falcon -which broke away to different fragments and years later the parts have coalesced to form a sound that draws from varied experiences. Not seeking to copy, but having the confidence to stride their own path and the ability to deliver the sounds with the confidence of experienced musicians combined with the energy and freshness of a cub emerging from the den.


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For those of fine ear and long memories – you will recall the sounds of  Nolita View, Fez, Chepstow and Mike Clarke – yes there is a connection.


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