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We Do This

Based in Adelaide in Australia the trio of John (Vocals / Guitar / Bass), Alan (Guitar / Vocals) and Mark (Drums) make up the indie rock band – We Do This. We Do This is currently working on a new EP. Having had the opportunity to hear some of the demo tracks I can conjecture, this will be a zinger […]


Woodsman is an experimental indie band from Denver and Brooklyn in the USA. Dylan, Mark, Trevor and Eston utilise two drummers to emphasise their output, which now racks up to five releases. Once again I find my self drawn to an introduction from Banter Media. There is a distinctive sound which emerges form the speakers as the use […]

The Joy of Painting

The Joy of Painting is a five piece indie band from Nashville in the USA. Garreth, Mark, Chris, Kyle and Dave 4ever push out some high energy indie with distinctive New Wave influences. Pounding across the room is the sound of 315 Bowery, Manhattan and as regular readers of the website will know when CBGB’s reminiscences […]