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The Wired Era

The Wired Era an alternative indie duo from New York in the USA is - Steve Winiarski and Nick Winiarski.

The Wired Era

The Wired Era

Having undergone a shrinkage in line-up and a new band name to mark the new project The Wired Era seem have settled with a sound that belies there are only two players. The music has more than a hint of indie-pop, but they drive additional value as they up the layers and drive forward tracks with influences of folk and rock to present the listener with an iteration of music that is at once soulful, whilst underpinned with a energy that provides considerable depth to the sound, so I think alternative indie is a more appropriate genre definition.

The songs range across a wide set of themes as the duo build up their track listing that demonstrate The Wired Era is a versatile and able outfit  - which is full credit to them as far too many bands I come across seem determined to have one song and only one to throw out into the melting pot.

Sure it is relatively clean cut, however the heartfelt renditions give the audience a sense of genuine connectivity. Still very much in the early throes of the new structure, it will be interesting to find out if they grow the numbers once again to enable live performance to be an easier proposition. Whichever way they head, they are able songwriters and I look forward to catching up with The Wired Era in the coming months.


My Command – Single – Holiday is available on iTunes* (Holiday is the former band name and the track is available under the old moniker.)

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2 Responses to “The Wired Era”
  1. Nick says:

    Hey guys this is Nick from The Wired Era- Easy places to find us are :

    Thanks again Tim and thanks for checking us out guys!

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