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Fixing Bayonets

Fixing Bayonets is the vehicle for solo shoegaze artist Kevin Smigel from Los Angeles in the USA to deliver his wave of echoed guitars.

Fixing Bayonets

Fixing Bayonets

The material has an ever more oppressive sense of doom as tracks build, which given the context of the heavy echoes and muted sounds that Fixing Bayonets deploys to deliver the music, this works superbly and adds considerably to the interest.

A brand new project Kevin has made an impressive start with some decent compositions. The music is not complex, but it is through the layering of instruments that he is able to create textures of soft velvet in which the brain can engage which gives the out-put an immediately attractive sound in which the ears want to dwell.

The slightly psychedelic, slightly garage rock combinations give the music something of an ethereal feel which wraps around the room like gently rolling mist. The audience is always given the impression that there is a hidden layer of sound, that just demands another listen to double check.

If songs have you hitting replay, you just know it is doing the right thing and I look forward to the development of the sounds that Fixing Bayonets delivers over the coming months, particularly as there is a EP in the offing.


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