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Ana Lola Roman

Ana Lola Roman from Brooklyn in New York is Ana Lola Roman and JeanLuc Sinclair breezing around the block with a euro-electronica sound more at home in Berlin.

Ana Lola Roman

Ana Lola Roman

The hidden added value is JeanLuc Sinclair, who takes a back seat to the evocative Ana Lola Roman and here we have a sublime combination, the music is a premier-cru Krug.

The nights in clubs through the ’90s come wafting back to mind, this is a scintillating powerhouse of euro-electronics. Intoxicating wrappers of sleaze peel themselves away from the speakers and as the wrappers pile high, so life seems far sharper.

A vocal reverbing from Iceland shards against a slicing electronics snap and we are sitting in sublime space.

In Ana Lola Roman we have a beautiful construct.


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