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Outside Lions

Outside Lions an Indie Rock Band from Milwaukee in the USA is Joel Hermanson (Guitar / Vocals), Jordan Burmeister (Drums / Vocals), and Jon Taglienti (Bass).

Outside Lions

Outside Lions

I enjoy the sounds that are Outside Lions for the liberal spread of bass which is given room to run the roost and that this was originally a duets sans bass, is an interesting journey to travel on their part, but they have made that transition and use the bass as a focal point of delivery. Smartly switching between crowded noises and skeletal framework the trio is able to retain the attention of the listener.

Hints of LA indie-pop surface from time to time which will resonate with the home-crowd but the broader appeal of influences further afield makes this an accessible and relevant sound to a wider international audience. The material is a mix of core rock ‘n’ roll, surf pop and new wave influences and they are able to blend it together to spin out a sound that captivates as they deliver something that has relevance without testing the listener too far and sometimes you just need to wallow in the music without needing to act on it.

Newly out of the gates they have already released their first EP the five track – More To Say – and I have a feeling Outside Lions have far more to say and by rights an audience who should be willing to listen.


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