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Sea Legs

From Bateau Bay in Australia emerge Byron Knight (Vocals / Guitar), Cail Borg (Bass / Backing Vocals), Tim Andrews (Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals) and Josh Osborne (Drums) who make up the indie rock band Sea Legs.

Sea Legs

Sea Legs

Although they have only been together for about a year, Sea Legs has an experienced line-up as the formation came about from the embers of different projects. This experience is reflected in the music which has an air of confidence that has set them up to a flying start and they have already established a burgeoning fan-base. There is less music available to hear than I would normally want prior to writing a full review, but the quality of the few tracks I have been able to hear, makes this a band well worth an early introduction.

The sounds take me back to the early ’80s New Romantics as they blend synth and rock, delivering material that is both danceable, but equally engaging for its own stand-alone creativity. The easy lilting melodies trip across the room like a sparkler adding a brightness and sense of fun, whilst under-pinning the tracks is a solidly constructed base that permits Sea Legs to focus on the performance.

There is a distinct international flavour to the out-put, which lends them the opportunity to take this far and wide from the 12 000 population of Bateau Bay and I for one look forward to their debut EP set for release in March 2013.


The single Al Pacino is available on Al Pacino - Single - Sea Legs*

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