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Bad Bad Meow

Bad Bad Meow is an acoustic psychedelia outfit comprising - Alen Khan (Vocals / Guitar), Greg Peerbolt ( Acoustic Guitar), Jon Laganski (Drums), Butter Buttermilk (Bass / Upright Bass) and Will Wholesome (Organ / Upright Piano / Electric Piano/ Synth) from Chicago in the USA.

Bad Bad Meow

Bad Bad Meow

An Americana country float winds its way through the threads of psychedelia that Bad Bad Meow delivers. Taking the acoustic route they have made it harder to create a sound textured by layers, but these are highly competent musicians and the compositions and deployment of instruments has intrigue by the bucket-load. Having recently released their third release – Run Through The Middle – which is set to see the quintet playing a series of live shows kicking off on the 29th March 2013.

Whilst maintaining a momentum of travel the tracks equally take attractive diversions that the listener is glad to explore with the band and whilst fairly lengthy, the songs contain plenty to keep the audience engaged. The thread of Americana Country adds an interesting angle to the music Bad Bad Meow produces and their ability to mix this with the dream-like quality of the material makes this a particularly interesting band to get to know.

The diverse range of instruments gives the band considerable flexibility without ever straying too far away from a recognizable sound, which is compounded by the vocal style. I could easily find myself spending lengthy sessions in the company of Bad Bad Meow enjoying the mystical tour of the sounds.


Run Through the Middle – EP – Bad Bad Meow is available on iTunes*

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