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WAZU based in New York in the USA is Matt (Vocals/  Guitars / production) and Rizz (Vocals/ synths / sound design) who deliver 2012 new wave.



My life would be better had I gotten ears to this band a year or so ago. Now described in the PR guff and besmirched across the lazy-o-sephere as sounding like some rancid band from the early ’80s – were that the case I wouldn’t bother your time. Shifting betwixt instruments and synths WAZU lends the ears to an absolute state of evolution in 2012.

This is a highly original take on relationship engagement, there is nothing fluffy here and the duo deliver a repost to introspective self-indulgence ’I matter’ with an engaging mix of tempo. Now that may have sounded like a disparaging remark, but – me thinks these two have a perfect handle on the concept of irony, although the music sits beautifully in Europe, have chosen the USA as a base, as their invective take on introspection will graze over the heads.

Anger emits in many ways and through the entrancing and highly danceable tracks, YAZU is able to release rage without it spilling over. This is a sharply focused duo who have taken their perspective of the world to a manageable space and the speakers resonate of isolation from a world too wrapped up in its own personal issues.

But step away from the invective and we find some decently constructed tracks which engage the listener on a disparity of levels. I like this as much for its acerbity as for its wit . I also like it for the mix of electro and instrumentation and a band worth taking time to listen to – not because the PR says they ‘sound like….’, but, because they are original.

A new LP – Robobo – arrives on the 31st October 2012 and I have had the pleasure of a listen – in which they even go to acoustic on a track – my advice – get hold of their EP released early in  2012 which is available on Wazu EP - Wazu* in advance of the album.


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