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The Minor Leagues

The Minor Leagues are a seven piece band from Cincinnati in the USA. Commencing as a recording act with Ben Walpole (Vocals) and Patrick Helmes (Guitars) now we have a full blown live act with the addition of Matt Retherford (Drums), Jesse Rogers (Bass), Hilly Kenkel (Vocals),
Luke McGlasson (Trumpet / Guitar) and Amanda Lee Anderson (Keys). Did you notice that despite the seven musicians The Minor Leagues even have a double up on the stage? Well it made me laugh as I imagined them thinking an 8th member – no – Luke get on with it.

The Minor Leagues

The Minor Leagues

Whisked back to the New Romantics and life is good, The Minor Leagues, well of course the head in the shell name would pique an interest. How does a band from, Cincinnati manage to encapsulate London in the early ’80′s and then manage to make it all sound so much more exciting. No it isn’t due to the seven musicians, who scintillate the Extensor digitorum longus, rather the sublime interaction between those self same seven.

The song compositions are what raises a smile to the face and get the feet muscles working.

This can’t but help to raise a smile, or you are reading the wrong website.


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