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The Thermals

The Thermals from the USA, have been around since 2002 when Hutch Harris (Vocals / Guitar) and Kathy Foster (bass) got together; after a few changes, Westin Glass (Drums) recently joined as the Drummer.

The Thermals

The Thermals

Describing themselves as the band who found the fourth chord for Punk bands (F#minor), they drive through tracks at a relentless pace and that extra chord makes for a strong melody to accompany the frenetic pace of the music, combined with sharp lyrics.

The overall effect, is that The Thermals have created a band of the time, which retains the raw energy of the early Punk movement. Lyrics crossing protest, self analysis and that essential ingredient of music cut to the bone. They keep their relevance by introducing melodies which have the optimism relevant to now, rather than the bleakness  of much of ’70s punk.


Currently on a European tour, The Thermals EP  ‘We were sick‘ , released August 2009 has a tempo reminiscent of  The Clash with an upbeat arrangement that reflects the 21st Century.The Thermals - We Were Sick - EP

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