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Tyrannosaurus Grace

Tyrannosaurus Grace is a five piece alternative synth-pop band from Ellensburg in the USA. Tim Held (Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards), Justin Foss (Guitar / Keyboards), David Hoffman (Drums), Lakyn Bury (Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards) and Jeff Gerrer (Bass) started as a project duo in 2009 and evolved to the full line up a year later.

Tyrannosaurus Grace

Tyrannosaurus Grace

You know that feeling you get when you pop the bubbles in bubble-wrap between your fingers, calming somehow but you can’t quite figure out why? Well much the same occurs when you hit the play button with Tyrannosaurus Grace. The out-put is an interesting mixture of sounds as one moment they will be playing a track that reminds the listener of stadium rock, the next something psychedelic, followed by a pop ballad and even a hymn or two.

The mixing up of styles is actually cathartic as the players are able to deploy the range of instruments in the ranges they explore to useful effect, rather than confusing. I particularly enjoy the naivety of sound, that through it all ties the out-put together in a stream of air-filled polythene, with an entertaining lyric to add solid casing to the topping.


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